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Codebase One provides all the typical services you would expect to find at any mobile app development agency – design, development, consulting, etc. Our real value comes from our unique approach aimed at providing outstanding value to our customers:

Design Services

We take advantage of hand-chosen UI kits to allow our designers to provide beautiful designs faster.

Mobile App and PWA Programming

Using the Ionic framework, our developers write code for both iOS and Android simultaneously.

App Maintenance

Your published mobile app can be updated instantly using our Mobile App Evolution service.

MVP Development

Build a fully functional prototype quickly and cheaply to present to investors and partners.

Mobile App Consulting

Not sure what platform is right for your app? Native or hybrid or PWA? We’re here to help.

Database Development

If your app needs user accounts and dynamic resources, then we can help you set up the database.

Mobile App Evolution

This is a game-changer. Our subscription-based service allows changes to be pushed directly to user devices. Users no longer have to visit the app stores to get critical updates, and you can be sure your users are seeing the latest content.

Get important changes to your app users quickly
Mobile App Evolution
Mobile App Evolution

The Codebase One App Evolution process consists of 6 phases.

By phase 3 your app has been planned, designed, developed, and distributed to the stores. Phases 4 through 6 are designed to keep your app fresh and effective over time.

App Creation Process
We Do

Cross-platform Ionic
Mobile App Development

A well-planned Ionic project can cover a lot of bases with a single code base and development team. Compare that to having dedicated developers for each of those platforms.

One codebase means development is faster, costs are lower, and app updates and bug fixes are easier and faster.

Cross Platform Development

Ionic Apps Work

  • On iOS devices downloaded from the app stores.
  • On Android devices downloaded from the Play Store
  • As Progressive Web Apps downloaded from any website.
  • Websites and desktop applications.

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