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Has your client requested a mobile app, but you don't have have the capabilities to deliver?

We’ll be your in-house mobile app design and development team on an as-needed basis.

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Standing up a seasoned development
team is difficult and costly - we can help!

Case study

Case Study

John works in a top-notch IT services provider in Northern Virginia. His team delivers back-end services and sophisticated CMS platforms for corporate and government clients.When one of his clients requested mobile app services as part of the larger contract he was taken by surprise, as his company has no internal mobile app services capabilities.

John contacted CodebaseOne and we quickly met his need, working to take on the mobile app project seamlessly as part of his overall company structure. CodebaseOne was able to obtain the project requirements, deliver designs and code, get the apps in the stores while interfacing with the client as needed.

John was freed from the stress and expense of trying to stand up an internal mobile apps team and the contract went smoothly.

One team. One codebase. See the difference

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