Does your mobile app need updating on a regular

It is common for mobile app developers to finish a project and leave clients to handle future updates and changes themselves. But your app may need regular changes to its content and appearance long after it arrives in the app stores.

Updates like

Don’t just build your app.
Evolve your app.

Your business needs and the expectations of your users change over time. Your mobile app should evolve to meet those changes. That’s why we provide the App Evolution service, in addition to traditional design and development services. So that your app content continues to be accurate and timely long after it hits the stores.

Have a look at our 3-step process
Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

Our three-part process begins with the design phase. This is the fun part! During this phase we collaborate closely with you to:
  • Analyze business requirements and user groups, and identify solutions
  • Develop interactive wireframes to solidify architecture and user flow
  • Design static visual comps that follow corporate identity guidelines and enhance user engagement
Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Part two of the process is the development phase. The design team passes the approved designs and architecture to the programming team, who are responsible for:

  • Ionic programming based on defined requirements
  • Integrating relevant APIs and plugins for advanced functionality such as geolocation, push notifications, social sharing, etc
  • Automated, manual and user acceptance testing
  • App distribution for all the necessary channels (iOS; Android; Web)
Mobile App Evolution

Mobile App Evolution

Part three of our process is unique to CodebaseOne.

The App Evolution process allows for instant changes to your app on the fly without resubmitting your app to the stores and forcing users to update. As part of our ongoing service you can specify updates you would like to see on a weekly basis. Text and images can be changed. Navigation and menus updated and even new pages added.

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