The cross-platform hybrid mobile app development approach is a new concept for many folks. Here are some resources concerning all things mobile – and Ionic in particular. Dive as deep as you like, or feel free to contact us directly to chat about our approach to the latest and greatest of mobile app development and how it relates to your needs.


This was certainly the case when hybrid apps first appeared. They have made significant progress in recent years, and the performance for most use cases is indistinguishable from native apps. In the case of certain high performance applications, such as graphic intensive games, 3D functionality, or the use of the “latest and greatest” native hardware updates, we would opt for a native approach. Otherwise, consider the numerous advantages of a hybrid approach.

One of the great advantages of cross-platform hybrid apps is the ability to address multiple platforms with a single code base and a single development team. Dedicated mobile app developers for each platform are in high demand, and are generally expensive. Having a single team is a great money and time saver. Care must be taken to address the UI conventions of each platform, but the hybrid framework and an experienced team can handle that.

Progressive Web Applications were introduced by Google in 2015 and are essentially websites with added code that allows them to work on mobile devices just like a native app. One advantage is that unlike a native app, users can load PWAs directly on their devices from a website link without visiting the App Store. This is a simpler process both for the user and the author. Hybrid app development is the perfect approach for delivering apps both to the app stores and via the PWA Chanels.

For a more in depth look, please check out this article.

Unfortunately not. The code base and UI of the hybrid framework is very different from that of a native app. Contact us to discuss transitioning from two native code bases to a single hybrid codebase.

That is ultimately the most important question. We would love to discuss your app goals and audience and help you decide the best course of action. Please email or call the number below.

Native apps are built exclusively for a single platform, using the coding language specific to that platform. In the case of Android apps developers use Java, and for iOS apps developers use Swift. But this specificity comes with a price – a rather steep one. One can easily imagine the costs associated with running two separate app development teams, each highly trained in a specific technical language – and now maintaining two separate code bases. Compare that to running a single team that uses well-known web technologies that develops for both platforms simultaneously.


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